To meet our objectives, we are primarily creating graphics that address important definitions, statistics, or other information relating to disability and accessibility. Many of these questions are shaped by commonly missed questions from our survey, or they are guided by the questions about the experiences of students who identify as having a disability. Our objectives were also shaped by survey questions so that if respondents took the survey before the campaign and then again after, we would be able to measure the effects our campaign graphics have on knowledge. These graphics are being distributed both on our website and on an Instagram account. If we had more time, we would also add detailed descriptions with these images on our website so that they further explain the specific topics they address.

Our original survey was two parts: 1.) questions based on student’s personal experiences and perceptions, and 2.) a “quiz” on facts and definitions. We adapted the second portion to its own quiz that shows respondents the correct answers once they have answered. This quiz is still available to take on our website, and we are trying to get the audience to take and share the quiz. Not only does this help us measure if we are shaping knowledge, but it also acts as another educational component to our campaign. In the future, we would create updated versions of this to add variation to the content the audience is seeing and to further address commonly missed topics.

Preliminary Research